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Genetic tests

MyInnerGo Weight gene test

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Did you know that 40-70 % of your body weight is affected by genes?

MyInnerGo Weight gene test helps you to manage your body weight and get the right diet based on your genetic profile.

Benefits of MyInnerGo Weight gene test:
  • Determine your genetic risks for being overweight
  • Find a personally suitable nutrition plan based on genetics
  • Evaluate the effects of exercise and physical activity on body weight
  • Find out whether you have to cut fat or carbohydrates, or increase protein intake
  • Once in a lifetime test – your genetic makeup does not change
  • Personalized 3-day meal plan based on your genetics


MyInnerGo Weight gene test covers the following topics:


  • Obesity Risk
  • The Effect of Exercise on Body Weight
  • Waist Circumference
  • Weight Regain
  • Response to Calorie Restriction


  • Response to carbohydrates
  • Response to proteins
  • Response to total fats
  • Response to unsaturated fats
  • Basal Energy Expenditure


  • Caffeine Consumption
  • Effect on Sleep
  • Coffee Taste
  • Metabolism of Caffeine
  • Sensitivity to Caffeine



Comprehensive lifestyle recommendations are given to you using the data arising from your genetic profile and questionnaire. The aim of the recommendations is to give you an action plan and tips to reach your goal and stay healthy. Personal well-being means making the right choices and myInnerGo makes it easier!

  • How are your current body measurement in relation to your genetic risks?
  • What is more important for you – to eat less or move more?
  • How much should you eat?
  • How much exercise should you be doing?
  • What should you know about weight regain?
  • What kind of diet fits you best?

1 review for MyInnerGo Weight gene test

  1. Kristi Berggren

    After taking the myInnerGo gene test and following the guidelines I started to lose weight and results were visible. I am very happy and now I know what kind of food my body needs to be healthy and beautiful. This test changed my lifestyle.

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